Product development


From a first idea,
to the concept,
to the fitting last.
Our industrial designers create innovative and usable concepts.
Our last designers invest all their experience in the best fitting last for your purposes.




Realistic simulations of materials, structures, textures and colours,
as well as technical drawings help to bring the product forth.




Experienced 2D and 3D designers with state-of-the-art equipment create patterns and CAD constructions for uppers and outsoles of any kind of shoe.




With our extensive experience we realise ideas with the help of modern rapid proto-typing technologies.
Rigid and flexible outsole mock-ups, upper pullovers and prototype shoes for all types of constructions.




Experienced technicians in our team are able to advise you on your DESMA PU production plans regarding:

  • preparation
  • production
  • direct injection
  • automatisation



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