Footwear-Concept & Design GmbH

Footwear Concept & Design has been founded in 2003.
Since then, it has always been our target to present to our customers a contemporary design considering brand specific parameters.

In an efficiency orientated world, design and construction need to work hand in hand.

For that reason we always offer, apart from development of design concepts also the construction of industrial products.

Qualified industrial designer help you to achieve the best for form and function.
Shoe experts accompany your ideas from scratch to the finished project.


FCD offers customers the entire work-flow of product development up to production setup. Our development processes are transparent and structured into smaller sub processes.

Cooperating with FCD has a lot of advantages:

  • due to the integrated process no friction loss occurs as not various project developers, designers and constructors need to be involved.
  • concept and design will be faster and more precise as a highly integrated team of internal and external partners allow short development cycles.
  • Last, not least you will have only one contact person to coordinate and realise your project
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Footwear-Concept & Design GmbH